Most business owners are mainly concerned with :

  • Their  company
  • Their personnel
  • Their retirement

Managing a prosperous company on a day-to-day basis means confronting numerous  problems :

  • Taxes
  • Profitability
  • Working capital
  • Laws and regulations
  • Human resources
  • Competition

In addition to your daily problems there are others that could have a devastating  effect on your company…

What would happen to your business if you or one of the co-owners were to die…?
Become disabled…?
Or decide to sell?

How would you come up with the money needed to buy to co-owner’s share?

securely funded buy and sell agreement is an effective and economical means of solving these three problems.

Have you taken the necessary measures to avoid having a business loan endanger your company’s success in the event of the premature death of one of the co-owners?

Life insurance is a reliable and profitable means of preventing a business loan from becoming a financial burden for the business succession plan or the company while offering tax benefits.

If one of your key employees were to die, become disabled or decide to retire, would it affect your company’s profits?

Key employee insurance, to protect against death or critical illness, guarantees you the money needed to compensate for this loss and to possibly recruit and train a replacement.

Building a prosperous business takes years of hard work. Have you taken the necessary measures to minimize taxes andmaximize the benefits that you and your family should gain from your efforts.

Are you worried about your business succession plan?

An effective financial and estate planning program, in addition to a company succession plan, will guarantee that the objectives you set to ensure your own security, and that of your family and business, are attained.

Nowadays, most employers offer benefit plans to recruit and train competent employees.

How do you attract and retain trained, productive employees?

When the need arises, will the protection offered under the terms of your group insurance be sufficient to maintain the standard of living you desire?

And what if the long-term disability insurance protection for your best employees only covers half of their needs…?

customized and tax effective compensation plan covering disabilities and/or critical illness and that takes into account real wages will optimize protection for you and your best employees.

Are you taking full advantage of the tax breaks provided in the Income Tax Act to increase your retirement income?

RRSPs (registered retirement savings plans),
RPPs (registered pension plans),
IPPs (individual pension plans),

As well as universal or permanent life insurance can optimize your sources of retirement income.

The concern of our financial security advisor is to determine your priorities with you.

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