As an employer, you want to have a healthy workforce and deal with a recognized expert in group insurance who knows the challenges of the market. You want to offer a plan that can attract workers and at the same time, improve your employee retention. The solution: Univesta.

Our expertise :

  • Renewal popularization and analysis
  • Bid with full access to the insurer’s market
  • Enforcement of turnkey group insurance
  • Thorough analysis of the needs and weaknesses of your group insurance plan
  • Tailor-made survey for the employees during the needs analysis of your group insurance plan
  • Meeting with employees to explain the renewal conditions or enforcement of a new group insurance plan
  • Risk management from coverage to experience
  • Specialty in regards to multi-employers or associations plans
  • Costs management and projection of self-insured protections
  • Personalized and efficient customer service
  • Rationalization of tax deductions and taxable benefits service
  • Complete administrative service for billing (mulit-employers’ group, association or plan with more than one insurer)