Did you know that L’UNION CANADIENNE, COMPAGNIE D’ASSURANCES offers you much more than just coverage in the event of a loss? With your home insurance, you automatically have access to many assistance services available through our Aladin program, all without charge. Moreover, if you also insure your vehicle with Union Canadienne, you can then enjoy the complete range of Aladin’s services below.

Telephone Assistance

  • Legal assistance – Answers to your questions about legal issues.
  • Moral assistance – Moral support service when you go through a rough time.
  • Referrals – Contact information for reliable experts in your area.

Home Assistance

  • Nursing care – Help to get back on your feet after being hospitalized.
  • Housekeeping – Assistance with household duties following your discharge from the hospital.
  • Babysitting – Professional babysitter to take care of your children after a hospital stay or when they are sick.


  • Supplier privileges – Valuable discounts from our various suppliers. You will find the complete list here.


  • Automobile advice assistance – Answers to questions about your vehicle’s minor mechanical problems and information on estimated repair costs.
  • Automobile preventive maintenance – One free preventive maintenance program per year ($40 value) and a 5% discount on any subsequent repairs done at an authorized service provider.


  • Trip planning – Personalized itinerary for your next vacation.
  • Travel insurance – Free 2-day emergency health care travel insurance with TIC Travel insurance.

* These services are only offered to Liaison‘s insureds, those who hold both a home insurance policy AND an auto insurance policy with L’UNION CANADIENNE.