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We make your life easier

Univesta brokers are there to help you find the coverage best suited to your needs. They provide advice and present products in clear and simple terms.

You can rely on us

Your broker is your ally. You can turn to him/her for all matters relating to the protection of your wealth. Your broker will also assist you with your claims. What could be more reassuring than having a Univesta expert on your team?

Attuned to humans and technology

Our dedicated brokers adapt to your situation to provide the help you need. Schedule a meeting or a call through our website. Your time is precious and we believe you deserve personalized service.

What is Univesta:

  • One of the largest insurance and financial services firm in Quebec

  • More than 60 years of experience: We’ve seen thousands of claims

  • Tailored insurance solutions developed by experts in all fields

  • See all, plan all. Whatever your needs may be, we have you covered!

  • Experience, drive, expertise and service

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Comment choisir une entreprise qui nous ressemble ?

Vous êtes à la recherche d’un nouvel emploi? Vous avez de la difficulté à mettre le doigt sur le petit « quelque chose » qui saura faire la différence et donner un sens au travail chez votre nouvel employeur? Lorsque vous débutez une recherche d’emploi, plusieurs facteurs entrent en considération dans le choix d’un nouvel employeur. On pense souvent au salaire, aux avantages sociaux, au temps de voyagement entre la maison et le bureau, les tâches, mais qu’en est-il de choisir une entreprise qui vous ressemble ? Voici quelques conseils afin de vous permettre d’effectuer une recherche d’emploi éclairée.

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Serge Hébert ​​

Serge Hébert ​​​​​​​Satisfied Customer

Once again, thank you for your quick response to all my questions regarding my file.

Susan Chouinard ​​​​​​​

Susan Chouinard ​​​​​​​Satisfied Customer

I will remain with you for one reason: I received excellent service from Karolane, who is a true gem! 

Richard Gauthier

Richard GauthierSatisfied Customer