He who sows security reaps stability

Your farm is a precious asset for you and your entire community. At Univesta Insurance and Financial Services we understand your reality and because we know careful planning is key to your success, we’re happy to offer you Intact Insurance’s Farmers’ Package Policy.  This complete and carefully designed insurance solution will help you ensure your farm’s future.

Down-to-earth coverage

With this farm insurance, you can dedicate your efforts to your daily without having to worry about the sky falling! You can enjoy peace of mind knowing the following is covered:

  • Farm buildings (barn, stable, silo, shed, etc.)

  • Farm equipment, animals and products

  • Office equipment, computers, etc

  • Equipment breakdown

  • Loss of income

  • Liability*

And there’s even more, just for you!

  • Access to a hotline, 24/7

  • Preventive approach with inspection of your facility by qualified fire prevention technicians

  • Option to pay in 12 monthly installments with no financing costs

  • Free legal assistance, including access to confidential advice from experienced lawyers**

  • Access to additional coverage through supplementary and excess farm insurance

We’re here for you, ready to provide information and advice!

To learn more about our products, call or email us. We’ll be happy to get back to you within 2 hours during regular business hours.