Develop your drivers’ expertise with our online training tool

At Univesta-Rake, we are committed to providing employers with the proper tools to train employees on health, safety, compliance and risk management issues.

We also recognize our clients’ need for a convenient and cost-effective training solution. As a result, we are pleased to partner with Carrier’s Edge to provide online safety training.

Your employees are constantly on the move. To get them into classroom training, you either need to disrupt your commercial activities or ask them to give up their free time. Add the challenge of getting people to stay focused and acquire new knowledge to that and you end up with a disruptive and expensive process that never achieves its intended purpose with the people who need training. 

Choose a personalized solution 

Univesta-Rake offers a better option – online training programs that provide the content you need, when and where you need it! With a wide range of courses and flexible packaging options, managing your training requirements just got a whole lot simpler.

  • Whether you require occasional, periodic or specific training, Univesta-Rake’s unique self-serve online portal lets you choose the indivual courses you need. 
  • With Univesta-Rake’s online training tool, you’ll get access to the industry’s best online training courses offering engaging, interactive and proven effective content, along with a full range of management tracking and reporting tools.

Access the online training module

Univesta-Rake’s online training lets you pick the courses your employees need

  • You need forklift certification courses for 3 employees? No problem!
  • You have 5 staff members that need TDG and 8 that need defensive driving? In French and English? That’s not a problem either!

Univesta-Rake’s online training makes it easy for you to register your employees into courses, track their progress and print training records and certificates.

Select the formula that suits you best
Univesta-Rake offers a wide range of pricing options, as well as volume discounts. Courses may be purchased individually or as part of a monthly subscription. You decide what best suits your training needs!

We also offer special subscription rates. Contact us for more details at 1-844-522-6466.

The more you invest in training for your business, the more you save!


The Univesta-Rake evaluation system provides multiple types of testing to accurately measure the knowledge level of your employees. From simple self-assessments to exhaustive final exams, we offer a wealth of tools for measuring your staff’s progress and performance.

  • Self-Assessmen
    To ensure drivers are on the right track throughout the training, a self-assessment allows them to see for themselves what they’ve learned and pinpoints areas on which they need to focus.  
  • Final Exam
    Once the course content is completed, final exams ensure that all the learning goals have been met. Comprehensive, scenario-based final tests track driver performance and identify any gaps that need to be filled to improve skills and knowledge base. 
  • Knowledge Baselines
    For those situations where you want to test knowledge without putting people through training, knowledge baselines give you a variety of options for standalone assessment.

Measure your employees’ performance

To help stay on top of your training program, Univesta-Rake’s online training includes a wide range of reporting tools. It provides you with specific and general data on your activities that allow you to compare results and identify training needs.

A wide selection of reports:

How can you ensure proper follow-up and achieve your goals?   Our online training tool provides regular updates via email and helps you keep track of who’s due for recertification. 

  • General Report
    General reports give you an overview of your activities and where you stand. The basic report lets you see who started, worked on, completed, passed or failed any module at any given time.
  • Detailed Report
    For more insight, detailed reports let you tap into the data and explore specifics – how much time a person dedicated to training, their strengths and their weaknesses. This is a very useful tool to prepare a meeting with an employee.
  • Analytical Report
    Improving driving skills across the entire fleet requires an understanding of your drivers’ habits and shortcomings. These analyses do the heavy lifting for you, identifying the best and/or most reckless drivers overall and the specific subject areas that cause the most problems for drivers.
  • Compliance Report
    For all those things that need to be redone periodically, compliance management is on the job, keeping track of dealines, notifying people when it’s renewal time and breaking out overall status by location, manager or according to your needs.