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When it comes to trucking and transportation insurance, Univesta covers you all the way. Quick to respond, we’re experts in the trucking legislation and regulations of Quebec, Ontario and the United States. We’ve even developed an online training module for truck drivers!

Univesta-Rake, our transportation division, provides specialized insurance,for Quebec trucking companies. This division draws on the management expertise of the entire Univesta Insurance and Financial Services team.


RAKE Division Transport

The coverage every trucking company needs

Imagine that one of your trucks is involved in a serious road accident somewhere in the United States. Your vehicles are fundamental to your operations, so you’ll need to have the damaged truck repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

If the truck was carrying customers' goods, other trucking companies may have to be contacted to complete delivery. You may even be held liable if the accident caused a toxic spill or if a third party suffered property loss or bodily injury. You may also be required to repatriate your driver in an emergency.

Whether your trucking operations are strictly local, or your fleet covers the entire North America continent, protect yourself against proven business losses due to accidents, fire, theft, vandalism or other causes.

At Univesta-Rake, we’re experts in helping you choose the best insurance policy for your trucking business, based on the industry’s specific risks:

  • fleet insurance for truck fleets of all sizes, including small trucks, large trucks (tractor-trailers), cars and buses

  • cargo insurance to protect shipments during loading, transportation, unloading and storage

  • commercial general liability for accidents that cause environmental damage, or property loss or bodily injury to third parties

  • complete transport insurance covering your trucks, their cargos and your civil liability.

Online training for your drivers

The best way to protect businesses against disasters is to prevent them in the first place. As part of our specialized expertise in the Quebec transportation industry, we offer online training for your drivers on health, safety, regulatory compliance and risk management.

The Univesta advantage in trucking insurance

Whether you’re looking for fleet, carrier, cargo or commercial liability insurance, our staff can give you sound advice on the best coverage for your business and industry.


We also offer a range of complementary services, including

  • 24/7 emergency claims hotline*

  • interest-free premium installments option

  • certificates of insurance issued within 45 minutes

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