Build trust with our range of surety bonds

Does your business operate in a specialized industry? You may need surety bonds to bolster the trust between you and your suppliers, your customers and any other organization that requires them.

Surety bonds for every need

In some industries, surety bonds are an essential part of a company's financial package. These financial instruments complement the coverage provided by your construction insurance, business insurance and so on (depending on the business or in), and protect your clients against damage resulting from failure to meet your contractual commitments. The various types of surety bonds include those described below:

  • Contract bonds to guarantee work execution are appropriate for many businesses like general contractors, subcontractors, tradespeople and manufacturers. They protect clients against damage resulting from work delays – for instance, by ensuring the completion of interrupted jobs.

  • Labour and materials payment bonds guarantee that subcontractors will be paid by their clients for hours worked and materials supplied.

  • The license and permit bonds that all construction contractors are required to file with the Régie du bâtiment du Québec guarantee that they will fulfill their commitments to their clients.

  • Customs and excise bonds guarantee that taxes and tariffs will be paid to the federal government, especially for the cross-border transportation of goods.

  • Lost document bonds guarantee, in the case of the loss, theft or destruction of certain originals, that replacement documents will be issued and generally protect the holders from financial loss. Documents for which this type of bond is appropriate include stocks, bonds, life insurance policies, and various other financial instruments.

If your needs are different, the types of bonding contracts too!

  • Does your business serve the public?

    Taking out a surety bond* is essential if your business serves the public. Such businesses include travel agencies, health studios, driving schools, private educational institutions, employment agencies, investigation or security agencies, and mobile businesses.

    *Certain conditions, restrictions and exclusions apply.


  • Are you a construction contractor?

    If your company is a general contractor or subcontractor, a surety bond helps bolster your client's confidence in your construction projects. Regardless of project size, we can provide you with a bond for:

    • licenses from the Régie du bâtiment du Québec or warranties on new residential buildings
    • quotes or letters of intent 
    • work execution
    • payment of labour and materials 
    • maintenance
    • corrections of construction defects and other deficiencies.



  • Do you operate an environmental site?

    If you wish to obtain a licence to operate a quarry, sand pit, landfill, waste disposal site or other type of environmental site, you may need a surety bond to ensure that the site will be restored to its pre-operational condition.


  • Do you operate a transportation company?

    Is your transportation company looking for a surety bond to obtain authorization to transport school children, people with special needs, or social and recreational groups? Or do you want to guarantee payment of customs duties?


  • Do you sell new or used vehicles?

    Are you required to have a surety bond to obtain your Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) licence to sell new or used vehicles?

    With us, you’re on the road!


The Univesta surety bond advantage

Whether it's choosing the right type of surety bond for your industry or calculating the amount of bonding your business requires, our staff will be happy to advise you.